The work of NanoSiliCal Devices is based on a strong background of knowledge and skills gained in ten years’ experience, deriving from the results of experimental studies which led to several International Patent Applications and publications in high impact factor international journals,. Thus, our company has the know-how to produce a great variety of systems that could be useful for several therapies, not only cancer, since they can carry a lot of different drugs and, at the same time, they can be linked with different specific targeting molecules.


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Patent applications

The patent portfolio of NanoSiliCal Devices includes:

International Application Published under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), EP2001514– “Preparation of micro or nano systems based on inorganic oxides with controlled porosity for carrying biologically active or activable substances&rdquo, which shows experimental data on the use of folic acid as a targeting function receptor- specific and Cisplatin as a adsorbed drug. (transferred from the inventors/applicants, among them Luigi Pasqua, to NanoSiliCal Devices)

In that patent several other receptor-specific ligands and drugs are claimed.

a) Pasqua L. Aiello R. Testa F. Maione U. (2006) PCT/IT2006/000167; International filling date 17/03/2006; International publication date: 27/0972007;
b) Communication of intention to grant a patent by European Patent Office (EPO): Publ N. EP06745236; Appl. N. 06745236; date: 2015-10-21.

Italian patent application RM2015A000184, titled “Sistema di Rilascio a base di bortezomib”; by Pasqua L., Morelli C., Leggio A., Liguori A., Andò S.; Applicant: NanoSiliCal Devices, 04/29/2015 (transferred from the University of Calabria to NanoSiliCal Devices). All the claims of this application fulfil the requirements of novel and inventive steps (written opinion from EPO on 2016-01-04).