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Delivering innovation

NanoSiliCal Devices is an innovative start-up and a spin-off at the University of Calabria, founded by three members: Luigi Pasqua (CEO), Antonella Leggio (CRO) and Catia Morelli (CRO). Its Administrative and Operational headquarters office are located at the University of Calabria. It is the result of a co-financing of Euro 200,000 following to an investment of Euro 250,000 under the Public support for the creation of spin-off business ventures (BURC n. 48 of 11/29/2013; POR CALABRIA FESR 2007/2013, ASSE I – SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND SOCIETY INFORMATION – Specific Objective 1.1 – To strengthen and to enhance regional research system and business networks in order to support competitiveness and economic growth of the Region).

The company was founded on 07/17/2014 as a s, in Dr. Angelo Cozza office, in Via degli Stadi n. 55 / B (CS), at the presence of the notary Dr. Umberto Calabrò (whose headquarters are in Via Maria Montessori, Palazzo degli Uffici, Corigliano Calabro-CS); on 30/03/2014 it was transformed in , , in Dr. Anna Calvelli office, Via Trieste 1, 87036, Rende (CS) [in compliance with Art.25 DL 179/2012] .