Our goal is to discover, develop and successfully market effective and innovative treatments for healthcare

Our Mission

  • Offer innovative solutions to unsatisfied clinical needs
  • Treat disease, reduce patients’ pain and improve their quality of life
  • Understand patients’ individual medical needs and respond to developing custom-made treatments, modifying treatment options depending on patient molecular signature
  • Provide effective treatment limiting side effects

Our Vision

We imagine that soon all patients can have a better quality of life through the right targeted and customized therapy, given by scientific and technological innovation that our products can offer.

Innovation is the key driver for growth, evolution and technological progress in the field of Life Sciences and Health.

New ideas lead to research projects and the ability to turn them into real products allows to provide innovative and successful drugs that will improve patients’ needs and quality of life.

NanoSiliCal Devices is able to offer innovative, products of high quality and technology.

We offer smart nano-systems-selectively directing drugs or other bioactive molecules to target cells.

Our MSNs’ peculiarity is their ability to penetrate into tumour cells only if suitably functionalized. Using this approach, drugs are able to spread throughout the bloodstream, carried by a soluble nano system.