What we do is to design functionalized nano-particles according to costumers’ requests, to be used as delivery systems for a wide range of bioactive molecules to be employed in target therapy.

We develop prototypes that will satisfy costumers’ need and expectations, providing their production, chemo-physical characterization and biological validation of the developed systems.

Our long time experience in the field allowed us to identify a modular method for the synthesis of mesoporous silica-based micro- or nano- systems, to be used for the production of drug delivery systems with highly technological properties for innovative therapies.

Our systems could carry biologically active or activable substances only once reached the targeted tumor tissues or cells, reducing toxic effects and increasing therapeutic efficacy.

To increase our R&D investments and our chances of success in the discovery and development of new therapies, we are currently focusing our scientific knowledge in the design and production of:

  • MSN carrier of a pro-drug and a targeting function
  • Fluorescent MSN for imaging diagnostics
  • MSN for drug targeting with Avidin-Biotin system
  • MSN complexed with Plasmidic DNA for gene therapy