Advantages of our systemsADVANTAGES

Mesoporous silica micro-nanoparticles seem to be ideal system for drug delivery. They are easily synthesized, high versatile, biocompatible and soluble in biological fluid, and not yet present on the market.


Compared to other technologies currently in use (polymeric materials, liposomes, nanosomes), MSNs present an outer and an inner (pores walls) surface with high reactivity which can be functionalized using different molecules. The mechanical properties of mesoporous silica particles are always appropriated to be easily modified: for example, stimuli-responsive molecules could be placed on the pores edge, allowing the pores to open or close under opportune stimulation; moreover, pores edge could harbour molecular motors able to move particles in a fluid as a result of irradiation;


Low temperature synthesis, an economic advantage for production; it provides lower side effects on patient health, in fact it generates defects within the particles , which make them susceptible to the erosive action of water molecules (making the particles highly water-soluble and easily washed-out, avoiding body accumulation)


Easy synthesis process, ideal for an immediate scale-up


Particles do not interfere with the therapeutic agents bound to the active surface

  • MSNs may increase lowly soluble drugs solubility
  • they may selectively target cells through the receptor-specific ligand placed on the external surface, and release drugs, or other biologically active molecules, directly into the cells
  • they may prevent drug degradation occurring in organic fluids