Nanosilical Devices at “La Leopolda”

Nanosilical Devices srl could not miss the first edition of Forum “Futuro”, entirely devoted to the innovation and sustainability in the field of healthcare. The important event has taken place on 29 and 30 September 2017 in the ample spaces of the old railway station in Florence: the Leopolda.

The Forum has been organized as a wide box of specific events, in healthcare field of course, in which several topics have been discussed, moving from any issue linked with governance of sector to the discussions on the vaccine regulatory, from research on the rare diseases to the issues of the medicine to be. Naturally, a look has not been disdained to the best manufacturing situations of the sector, like innovative start-up and spin-off. For this purpose, Nanosilical, represented by Prof. Luigi Pasqua, co-founder and CEO of company, has participated in the event “Technology and Innovation”, in the topic “SSN, start-up, SME and LE: the point 2017”, whose scientific responsibility has been carried out by Prof. Sebastiano Andò, tenured professor of Pathology and Director of Dept. of Pharmacy and Nutrition and Health Science at the University of Calabria. The presentation of Prof. Pasqua was about the interesting aspect of scientific expertise “moved” from university laboratories to manufacturing realties of micro-enterprises, presenting the business policies of Nanosilical Devices, viewed as a jewel of sector.

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September 22, 2017 Events
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