Meet In Italy for Life Sciences 2017: a chance to meet and discuss

MIT4LS2017 is surely one of most heavily events on October, took place since 11 to 13 in Turin. The event, organized thanks to the effort of Enterprise Europe Network and Project Fit For Health 2.0, is a wide comprehensive report on healthcare business, offering the last news for R&D and giving the possibility to interact with each enterprise, to contact new partners and investors and to approach to new opportunities of enhancement of innovative ideas, like European research calls. Nanosilical Devices could not miss this important meeting.

During these two days, in fact, our Enterprise measured with other small and large enterprises of pharmaceutical manufacturing world. The event had a wide membership, nearing 358 of participants, among them important european and elsewhere enterprises. Naturally, Italy registered the higher number of presences with 249 enterprises. Nanosilical had the opportunity to interact with other companies, establishing research actions in partnership, publishing its innovative products and growing the interest of large pharmaceutical enterprises towards it. A great opportunity to establish reputation more and more and facing up to the actual productive needs of market, needing innovative ideas to change the worldwide pharmaceutical contest.

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December 2, 2017 Events
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