Nanosilical Devices at Horizon 2020 national launch day

On 19 October 2017, National workshop of promoting Horizon 2020 calls will take place in Rome. The event is organised by APRE and it is sponsored by MIUR and EASME, which will explain SME Instrument calls connected to Horizon 2018-2020. EU give to SME instrument a budget of 1.6 billion of Euros, to distribute during the next three years. These funding are addressed to the enterprises needing these instruments to valorise their innovative ideas on which to organise the future research and/or production business.

Several topics will be treated during work programme, among them the reformulation of evaluation criteria, giving a greatest impact effect of submitted ideas; a new apporach fully bottom up, permitting to analyse by evaluators submitted ideas as inclusive as possible; the possibility to carry out interviews during step 2, to favourite the submitters they want to explain their business ideas and to facilitate the tasks of evaluators, allaying possible misgiving; the new organisational system (cut-off) of step 1 and 2. Enterprises that passed spets 1 and 2 will give evidence of their good practises in the past calls. As a conclusions, a good possibility to know new calls that EU give to disposal of PMI. Nanosilical cannot miss and it will learn from this experience as a way to strengthen its knowledge in this area.

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October 19, 2017 Events
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