NanoSiliCal Devices – “Unical bridge” extends to Qatar

On April 7th, 2017, at the University of Calabria, was held the event NanoSiliCal Devices: UNICAL bridge arrives in Qatar, which has signed the beginning of a collaboration between the NanoSiliCal Devices and Mr. Mohammed A. Al Emadi, member of one of the most reliable family of entrepreneurs in Qatar, operating, since the beginning of the last century, in the Qatari market in different areas, ranging from manufacturing to biotechnology. Besides, the Al Emadi family directs the Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) which is the fourth largest bank in Qatar, and the Qatar Islamic Insurance Company (QIIC). Mr Mohammed A. Al Emadi, is, also, Head of the Insurance Companies of the Qatar Central Bank (QCB).
NanoSiliCal Devices provides a revolutionary technology that addresses the multinational pharmaceutical companies market, as explained by the company’s CEO, Luigi Pasqua. For this reason, after the evaluation of 151 biotech companies, NanoSiliCal has been chosen by the Qatari investor that would make it – as soon as possible – one of the spearheads of its biotechnology division.

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